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By certified, professional dermatology practitioners

The largest organ of our body is our skin. As it plays an essential role as the body’s first barrier of protection, your skin deserves extra attention and special care.

Not to mention, the tropical climate of Malaysia can wreak havoc on our skin, causing common infections, dryness, redness and sensitivity. At Dr. K & Associates Clinic, our Australia Postgraduate Dermatology Practitioner is highly trained in a wide range of general dermatology issues.

We help you manage a range of common skin issues, including:

Beyond the physical effects, we understand the importance of managing secondary health issues and mental health problems relating to skin concerns. Our doctors are here to provide you with long-term support and specialised care – enhancing self-worth and improving well-being.

General Health Screening & Immunisation

Understanding your concerns and needs

We believe that health and aesthetics go hand in hand. That is why we serve and care for our patients with a range of health screening and immunisation programmes that cover:

Women’s health
Pap smear
Blood test
Allergy blood test
(heart screening)
Vaccine injection procedure
Seasonal, elderly and occupational health immunisations